Nov 15, 2009

Nazca Lines

Hubby once showed me this fascinating information about the 'Nazca Lines'

What are Nazca Lines?
There are large number of lines cutting aross the desert of Nazca,when viewed from the ground,there are just lines,but when viewed from an aircraft,these lines are actually series of drawings on land in nazca desert. These drawings stretch more than 80 kms between the towns nazca and Palpa. There are hundreds of indiviual figures drawn on land like spiders,monkeys,fish,shark,lizard etc. These are beleived to be drawn by people of nazca culture between 200 BCE and 700 BCE.

Arial survey revealed the presence of nazca lines showing various drawings of spider,monkeys,lizards etc. Reasearchers,Archeologists,Scientists are baffled as to how these figures were made by the people of nazca without any advanced tools,planning or arial survey.

The surface of Nazca is covered with reddish-brown iron oxide-coated pebbles. When these pebbles are removed, white coloured earth lies underneath.So,these lines are beleived to be  made by removing these pebbles in some fashion.These lines are shallow designs on the ground and are beleived to have some religious significance. These lines are preserved till date due of the dry,windless,stable climate of Nazca.Extremely rare changes in weather may temporarily alter the general designs.

Scientists also beleive that these lines were made by the people using simple tools like wooden stakes as few wooden stakes were found at the end of some lines on the ground. These lines cover an area nearly equal to 500 square kilometres and the largest figures can be nearly 270 metres (890 ft).

There are many contradicting theories for the purpose and the construction of these nazca lines,but no theory has been proved right till date.

Pictures of Nazca Lines:

a>Satellite Image from NASA:



d>Humming Bird


and many more

Also,see this video:

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